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Enhance Your Skin Care Routine

It's incredibly hard to find a skin care routine that is the perfect match for everyone. See, everyone has different skin goals, different types of skin and everyone's skin needs are different. This blog will take you through the base routine everyone should have and I will also mention different products that will help with different problems.

3 Basic Steps;

  1. Cleanse your skin morning and night!

  2. Moisturize/Hydrate

  3. Protect (Sun Screen!)

Now, you may be wondering what products to use. Like I said in the beginning, everyone's skin is different which means there's not one product that fits all. Also, these steps of this basic routine might need a few more products added to them. If your like me, I have sensitive and dehydrated skin. This means I need to use a gentle cleanser followed with a Hyaluronic Acid, toner, a moisturizer free of perfume & dyes along with a gentle sunscreen.

Some of my favorite products are-

  • The Ordinary Brand

  • ClarityRX Hyaluronic Acid

  • Neutrogena Sunscreen

  • CeraVe Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

If you do not know your skin as well as you think you did then I suggest you better pay more attention to her! Shes with you for life so take care of her with grace. A lot of people over see facials, they do not see the importance of them but I could not disagree more. It's so important to at least get one in your life time so this way a professional can describe your skin to you and make suggestions of what to use on a daily basis.

One more thing, drink water! Your skin is the biggest part of your body and it is also the last part that absorbs your water intake. Drink, drink, drink! Stay lovely my friends.

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