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About Us!

Hi There! Thank you for visiting us, we wanted to welcome you into our spa family and tell you a bit more about our company. We started our company with a small staff of five employees in the Southern Pines area. We originally started our spa because we all had a strong passion for the spa industry, our original hires were in the industry for three to ten years prior to the start of this business. We all came together with a overwhelming feeling of the industry slowly declining because of the lack of care given to clients and more attention being pushed to making profit. A lot of companies were starting to gear toward pulling clients in, making them pay outrageous amounts on services and not listening to what the clients really needed. This would lead to the clients leaving feeling less important as well. We all really wanted to create a place were people felt at home and cared for when they visited our business.

We also are very focused on making our staff feel apart of the family. I mean we have all been in a job that we despised, right? Now, we know we get tired and worn out but the company and it's management team should not be apart of that stress within job roles. We make sure we listen to their feedback and we make sure every staff member feels like they are equal and we do this in hopes that everyone will wake up excited to come to work! Happy employees means happy clients!

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