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Our Eye Lash Extension Services

What Is It?

Our eye lash extensions are a semi-permanent lash enhancer, we use mink fibers that are glued to your natural lash line to allow you to have more length, volume and definition to your eyes. When these are taken care of and properly maintained they can last up to 8 weeks! 

Lash Fill 2 Weeks 
1 Hour | $45.00

Lash Fill 3 Weeks 
1 Hour | $60.00

Mini-Lash Fill 
30 min | $25.00

Full Volume Set 
2.5 hours | $185.00

Before & After Care?

Before you come in for your service- please, make sure your face is clean from makeup and dirt. We wash the eye lashes very well before hand but if you remove your make up before you come in it will make the process a lot faster. 

After your service you will be given instructions on how to take care of them to improve the appearance and life span of your lashes. We also sell aftercare wash kits for your convenience!

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